Licensing, Ordination, & Consecration

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Licensing, Ordination, & Consecration (LOC) of the men and women who provide pastoral leadership is a core leadership development effort for the Alliance Northwest. It provides a hands-on relational approach to learning and becoming more effective as a spiritual leader. The goal is to help ensure that leaders possess the character and competency to oversee Jesus’ mission for the local church.



Licensing is a leadership development prerequisite for pastoral employment in an Alliance Northwest church. Licensing involves an application, engaging a mentor, writing personal theological statements, some reading, and a Foundations retreat. Once these steps are completed, an accreditation interview is scheduled with Alliance Northwest leaders. Once accredited, a person is eligible to be Licensed to lead in an Alliance Northwest church.

To get started, contact Kristy Wells, Coordinator for LOC.


Ordination for men and Consecration for women provides opportunity to further sharpen one's character and competencies for ministry. The process begins with a four-day leadership Assessment (attended with spouse) that results in a personalized leadership development plan aimed at deepening character, relationship health, and disciple-making confidence. Once the personal discovery and development plan is completed, a final interview is conducted prior to Ordination or Consecration. Ordination is required for Lead Pastor placement.


For an overview of the LOC process, see the below flowchart (click for full size):