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Prepare to Plant at Bootcamp
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Prepare to Plant at Bootcamp

Practice may make perfect, but training makes teams and individuals effective

Alliance Northwest Bootcamp is a FREE three-day event led by experienced church planters and leaders, designed to develop your understanding of your ministry context, values, vision, strategy, and structures. Additionally, you will develop great connections with other leaders around the Field.

Bootcamp is a chance to learn from those who have been where you are, and understand what it's like. The three days are a mix of teaching, lab time, and interactions with other teams. 

This event is great for students, those considering church planting, a church planter and spouse, a church planting core team, and has also been hugely beneficial for those leading existing churches.

A church planter from Southern Oregon said this:

Never plant a church without Bootcamp.  The invaluable thing that Bootcamp did for our launch team is it forced us to extract vision.  We would never have been able to duplicate the intensity of the experience on our own.  Leaving Bootcamp with a team that has clarity of vision has been the foundation of our unity and success.

Registration Details:

Registration and meals for this event are free, provided by Northwest Church Planting.

Bootcamp will take place at East Park Church in Vancouver, Washington. We will reserve a block of rooms for attendees at a nearby hotel, so please contact us if you will be needing accommodations.  If reserving a room will be a financial burden for you, scholarships will be available based on need.

For more information or to sign up for this event, contact Amber at or 503-685-9160. 

Reservation deadline is August 6.

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CMAlliance Kids Seminar at East Hills Alliance
9:00 AM09:00

CMAlliance Kids Seminar at East Hills Alliance

Melissa MacDonald, Children's Disciplemaking Specialist from CMAlliance Kids, will be at East Hills Alliance in Kelso, Washington, to conduct a half-day seminar on "Loving the Busy Kids" and "The Art of Story." All children's ministry workers/pastors are welcome!

The cost is $10 and includes lunch after the seminar. For more information, contact Joleen Runnels at

Seminar synopses:

Art of the Story
2016’s most popular seminar! Kids learn in story and it is by far the best medium for catching their attention, keeping it, and communicating a point. This seminar explores different storytelling techniques and also helps you develop your own stories in a way that will powerfully communicate with kids. If you speak to kids at any level this seminar is a must!

Loving the Busy Kids
Kids today are busy and oftentimes hard to control. This seminar explores ways to better love our “busy kids”. Going further than a simple list of rules or discipline techniques this gives you a framework and practical ways to help maintain control while reaching kids where they are at. You’ll be challenged and encouraged as you look at your kids in a new light.

Head shot MM 2 2017.jpeg

MacDonald's bio:

Passionate about the church and about kids, Melissa J. MacDonald travels extensively speaking, training, coaching, and consulting. She’s the author of Missing: An Urgent Call for the Church to Rescue Kids. She currently serves as the national Children’s Disciplemaking Consultant for the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. With a fresh and unique perspective Melissa boldly calls the church to be The Church everywhere she goes. She’s been to over 30 countries and seeks out the best ethnic food in every city she visits. Find out more at 

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to May 23


Foundations is a 3 day seminar to introduce church leaders to the Alliance movement. Anyone interested in exploring how they can join the mission and family of Alliance Northwest is welcome to register. During Foundations, leaders will learn about Alliance history, vision, polity, and beliefs, while getting a tase of what it's like to courageously follow Jesus together as a family.

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