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Field Forum 2019: Deeper
to Mar 20

Field Forum 2019: Deeper

  • Red Lion Jantzen Beach (map)
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Power to cultivate the mind of Christ

So much more than power over sin! It's an invitation to fully surrender—to follow the lead of the Spirit—to genuinely love people—and to experience a heart filled with joy in all that is ordinary.

You and your leadership team are invited

Once again we are offering scholarships to Alliance Northwest churches for leaders who typically would not be able to attend Field Forum, such as a key board member, part-time staffer, or prominent lay leader. When registering and requesting this scholarship, recipients will be asked to include the name of the lead pastor who invited them.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Call 503-685-9160 for any inquiries.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Sunder Krishnan


Sunder was born in India and grew up in the capital city of New Delhi. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked with Atomic Energy of Canada. He became a pastor in 1980, retiring in 2016.

Sunder is a sought-after speaker in and outside of The Alliance, and was recently a featured speaker at Seek 2018. Sunder and his wife, Shyamala, have been married since 1971. They have two grown children, Vijay and Sheila, and six grandchildren.


Registration cost (includes conference and food):
Book before February 24: $214 + Hotel ($138/night for single/double occupancy).
Book after February 24:
$238 + Hotel (hotel standard rates and availability apply).

*When registering the future leader, please select “New attendee invited by a lead pastor” and the Field Office will know to cover their costs.


Lodging will be available at a discounted rate at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach, if booked prior to February 24. Please use the following link to book your rooms:


Social/Pip's Donuts

Morning prayers
Youth Pastor Gathering/Starbucks









Creating a contagious Bible reading culture

You can start a Bible reading revolution in your ministry. If you do, lives will be transformed for eternity–guaranteed! With a few basic principles and practices, you and those you lead can learn to regularly hear God’s unique invitation (and challenge) within Scripture to courageously follow Jesus. 

Kendra Shaw
Discipleship and Global Engagement, Alliance Northwest


Increasing your cultural competence

Do you ever sense that you’re a bit tone deaf when relating to people from different cultural contexts?  Loving our neighbors in a changing world means being ready to encounter people from economic, social, ethnic, and generational backgrounds different than our own, or our church’s. Instead of bringing good news, we can unintentionally put people off. This breakout will bring to light ways in which you and your ministry can awaken to cultural differences in order to love others well.

Dr. Debbie Bayes
Intercultural Competencies Specialist
Global Staff, The Alliance


Creating a culture of grace and freedom

Every weekend, men and women come to worship in your church hiding a secret. Research tells us 68% of men and 25% of women in the church are in a battle with pornography and/or other unwanted sexual behavior. As you know, we as leaders struggle as well. And yet only 7% of churches have any specific plan to provide help and hope. In this breakout you’ll discover proven strategies to contend for souls (including your own) by discovering freedom from bondage. The results? Transformed marriages, empowered leaders, mission engagement, and an effective church.

Nick Stumbo
Director, Pure Desire Ministries
Field Leadership Team, Alliance Northwest


Serving kids: getting and keeping great volunteers

Recruiting. Love it or hate it, it’s a huge part of children’s ministry! A simple shift in your mindset towards volunteers may actually have them coming to you. You’ll leave this seminar encouraged and inspired, with practical tools you can use right away and insight into what motivates people to serve.

Melissa MacDonald
Children’s Disciple Making, The Alliance US


Leader self-care from a veteran counselor

The Bible suggests that you are an individual creation—a masterpiece the LORD spent a lot of time pondering before creating. Your design is complex and intentional! Dr. Lane will explore how you can care for yourself and maximize your influence by embracing who God designed you to be. He will also unpack the strategies he’s seen our enemy use to blunt the effectiveness of church leaders over the years.

Dr. Lane Vander Sluis, PsyD.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Seeing children as world changers

What would happen if we set our hearts to raise up a new generation of leaders who would impact the world far more than the world impacts them? This breakout will look at practical ideas and biblical truth to help you believe, lead, and inspire this rising generation (and their parents) to courageously follow Jesus in the world.

Melissa MacDonald
Children’s Disciple Making, The Alliance US


Shepherding an artist’s heart

30% of those under 30 self-define as creatives. They think uniquely, often feel disconnected from the church, and wrestle with their Christian identity. This breakout will look at pathways to help creatives grow in godliness, experience belonging, and flourish as members of your church.

Thomas Terry
Lead Pastor, Trinity Church in Portland, OR
Founder and Executive Director, 
Humble Beast


Sexual discipleship in the church

Who’s talking with our young people about the connection between “following Jesus” and healthy sexuality? There’s a pervasive message from our culture on sexuality, yet youth and parents alike (and everyone else in our churches) often feel ill-equipped to engage in healthy conversations around the issue. Staying quiet isn’t helping us. This session will give you specific strategies that you can implement immediately and pass along to others to generate the life-giving and healing conversations we all desperately need to have about sexuality.

Nick Stumbo
Director, Pure Desire Ministries
Field Leadership Team, Alliance Northwest


Launching a new lifecycle in your church

Leading a church toward a different future can be a daunting journey that requires lots of courage. Come and explore the various components on the pathway to turnaround and discover a new trajectory for your church.  You’ll be encouraged by the experience of others who’ve walked this journey ahead of you.

Dennis Pust
Associate Field Director, Alliance Northwest


Leveraging your board for effective mission

Healthy boards guide effective churches. Leading a healthy board takes intentionality. Our enemy knows that if a church board operates on the basis of power and control, that can be a foothold in the church. Yet boards that are guided by the Spirit and function in peace and unity can lead a church to accomplish great good in the name of Jesus. This breakout will unpack an effective governance framework that is helping facilitate new health in many Alliance churches across our field.

Terry Hippenhammer
Strategic Management Associates
Church Board Mentor, Alliance Northwest

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