Disciple Making

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We believe making disciples – helping people grow in the character and capacities of Jesus - needs to be reproducible.  The Alliance Northwest supports pastors in creating intentional disciple making and sending cultures in the churches they lead.

One way we’re doing this is through the vehicle of a disciple making “huddle.” A huddle is one proven way to model, transfer, and multiply the disciple making process. The typical huddle starts early in the fall and meets most weeks for an hour, for a period of nine months.

If you'd like to experience a huddle, contact Kendra Shaw.


What others are saying about their huddle experience

“In the midst of busy lives, in a world that is consistently vying for my attention and my allegiance, I believe that God is speaking to me. He is pursing me and inviting me into deeper relationship while challenging me to change to become more like Him. The huddle process has helped me to ask “What is God saying to me right now?” and “What am I going to do about this?” I am so thankful for the huddle process.
— Jason Tarka, Pastor, Mosaic Church, Portland, Oregon
“In the context of huddle, I am watching several men learn to engage Scripture in a more personal way and begin to respond to God with deepening passion.”
— Jason Huguenin, Lead Pastor, Brookview Community Church, Mukilteo, Washington
Huddles made the process of hearing and responding to God less mysterious and more accessible.
— Laura Scharer, Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Salem Alliance Church, Salem, Oregon
I found the huddle to be a reproducible model that keeps listening and responding to the Lord as the central task. This emphasis makes huddle far more transformative than the information/content-based approaches.
— Josh Mann, Lead Pastor, Fox Island Alliance Church, Fox Island, Washington