Volunteer Disaster Relief Coordinator Position Open

Our churches are often deeply engaged with first response, coordination, and assistance to those impacted by natural disasters. With this in mind, we're looking for someone who would be willing to volunteer as a Relief Coordinator for disasters that strike the Northwest.

There are a few places in the Alliance where this position has recently been helpful and active in disaster response. A Coordinator in the South has been busy working with the National Office to assist Edgewater Alliance Church, who are involved in relief help for people in a nearby mobile home park damaged by Hurricane Matthew.  The second instance happened earlier this past spring when there was a flood in West Virginia and the Disaster Coordinator of the Central District was able to partner with local organizations for the relief effort. This resulted in, amongst other things, 12 C&MA churches (and one non-Alliance church) providing over 400 shoes for local schoolchildren affected by the flood. 

If someone in your community comes to mind as a good fit for this, please contact Gary Fairchild at CAMA for more information. The first Coordinator training was recently held in Alabama, with more to follow elsewhere. Below, a list of some roles and responsibilities of the Coordinator:

Candidates must:

  • Be an experienced Christ follower
  • Attend a C&MA Church
  • Preferably have some experience in Disaster Relief, Emergency Management, Police or Fire Department, EMA, FEMA etc.

Responsibilities could include:

  • Coordinate the Field’s Disaster Response(s)
  • Attend the CAMA Disaster Management Trainings
  • Participate in the National CAMA District Disaster Coordinators Group
  • Encourage local church leadership to appoint a Church Disaster Coordinator (CDC)
  • Train local Church Coordinators with materials from CAMA trainings
  • Guide local church towards partnership with local EMAs
  • Work with local churches to develop a Local Church Disaster Management Plan
  • Advise Church Disaster Coordinators in local disasters