US Alliance: February Focus on Church Planting


The Alliance has planted 20,000 churches that account for more than 6 million people who follow Jesus worldwide. This phenomenon can only happen if there is a Kingdom value at work. One sure way to spot this Kingdom value is to find a leader who is willing to partner with others, across tribal lines, to complete the mission Jesus entrusted to us. Knowing that this value drives much of the Alliance’s global strategy helps assure me the resources we invest are being used strategically.

You also see this Kingdom value at work in our own field. The following pastors are non-Alliance and leading their churches to support Alliance Northwest church-planters: CJ Coffee from The Well in Portland, Dean Curry from Life Center in Tacoma, Andy Mahoney from Grace Community Church in Oak Harbor, and Matt Hannan – who’s invested in my church planting dreams for over two decades – from New Heights in Vancouver. These Kingdom leaders have invested significantly in the efforts of our church-planting missionaries.

Across the US, the Alliance is focusing on Church Planting during February. Now is the perfect time for you to jump in and personally engage those entrusted to you in the “Judea & Samaria” portion of our Acts 1:8 mission. Would you focus on and bless a church planter near you (or known to you) this month through your congregation, youth group, or whatever ministry you oversee?

Below you’ll find simple and specific way’s to bless a church planting couple. You’ll also see a list Alliance Northwest church planting missionaries to get you started. From there, let me encourage you to include a non-Alliance church planter too.

All for Jesus!

Randy Shaw

Field Director, Alliance Northwest