Pure Desire Training Sessions in March

Here are some numbers for you to digest.63%. That’s the percentage of pastors surveyed in the book Men’s Secret Wars who confirmed that they struggle with sexual addiction of some form. 54%. That’s the percentage of 1,351 pastors who reported viewing Internet pornography within the prior year, according to Pastors.com. 75%. That’s the amount of pastors who are not currently keeping themselves accountable to anyone for their Internet use.

Pure Desire Ministries exists to help leaders find freedom from pornography addiction. The Alliance Northwest began a partnership with Pure Desire over six years ago and it has had a positive impact on men and women across our field. And they have developed a compelling, 24-hour seminar to help train churches and leaders on how to bring Pure Desire groups to their church and community.

Currently, there will be two of these "universities" in our local area in March: March 4/5 in Gresham, OR, and March 18/19 in Everett, WA.

For detailed information on these events, and to register, visit Pure Desire here.

The cost is reasonable, the teaching accessible, and the take-aways are very practical. Prayerfully consider attending one of these, and see how God stirs you and your church to begin helping men with this very real issue.