National News: The Missionary Tour System is Changing

Throughout the 20th Century, the tour system for Alliance Global Staff fueled our international movement by communicating how God was working globally through the US churches of the C&MA in the most spiritually impoverished corners of the world. Today, there’s agreement that the system is broken. John Stumbo has asked Global Link, the office in charge of promoting global missions, to fix it. For a couple of years, Global Link processed with regional and local church leadership to determine the problems, and what needs to change. Everyone agreed: It’s about relationship.

The first step in fixing the tour system will be an electronic calendar, which will allow for direct interaction between churches and Global Staff. Expect the rollout to begin in summer 2018. If you have additional questions about the e-calendar, contact the Global Link team at

In the meantime, The Alliance Northwest Field Office will continue to model, support and catalyze global engagement with Alliance work internationally. Here’s a list of our core convitions about international missions:

1. Alliance Northwest Networks and churches are ripe for Global Partnerships.

2. Investing more resources in fewer places as Alliance Northwest churches will better engage our people and create greater ownership, and pave a new path ensuring long-term impact for Alliance Northwest people globally.

3. We also believe in the benefit of individual churches maintaining their current relationships with international missions work (what we call Alliance Global Connections) while designating a portion of their GCF (or other missions giving) to an Alliance Northwest Global Partner.

4. Global Partnerships will flourish best when churches are investing spiritual, relational, and financial capital together with other churches, rather than on their own.

If you would like more information on Church Global Partnership or how to develop deeper relationships with Global staff, contact Kendra at