Good News from the Field: May 2017 Edition

Island Church of Whidbey Sends Support to Naukati Bay In what will become a more regular partnership, Island Church of Whidbey sent their first team of 8 people to Naukati Bay. They will help with building projects connected to the church, including the Eagles Wings recovery ministry. Two more trips are planned for May and July.

Additionally, Jon Platt, a student from RTI, will be interning at Naukati Bay as their youth pastor for the next few months. Wish him luck as he hones his Alaskan survival techniques!

Kitchen Crew Worker Experiences God at Reach

Joseph Zysk from Crosspoint Alliance Church had been carrying some heavy emotional pain when he came to Reach as part of the kitchen team. Invited to evening worship by a fellow kitchen worker, Joseph broke down in prayer and gave his burdens to God. "Until the day I die I will always remember this trip to Reach," Joseph says. "I went to serve and bless others, but I was the one truly blessed."

Madison Community Church Reaches ESL Community with Talk Time

Madison's heart for their neighbors is making an impact on immigrants looking to improve their English through a program called Talk Time. Margie Snodgrass, who helped establish Talk Time at North Seattle Alliance, and Madison Community Church were recently written up in the local paper. In related news, Madison is positioning to move into their new building soon, after a long season of construction.

Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of International Christian Church, a multi-ethnic, multi-site church plant

International Christian Church, under Romualdo "Doods" Sente, began as Filipino-America Worship Center in Arlington, WA last year. Here they are, after this year's Easter service:

International Christian Church group photo
International Christian Church group photo