Good News from the Field, February 2017

CATHLAMET. Last year was an encouraging year of renewal at Cathlamet Christian Fellowship, now called The Bridge Church. The church was up against the wall and facing closure when Kenny Evans agreed to step in and to serve the Cathlamet community. Today the church is experiencing new growth, a broadening leadership base, new volunteers, and five recent baptisms. Yay God! KETCHIKAN. Members of South Tongass Alliance Church are in the middle of a large building project that stalled due to finances.  Incredibly, a big crew of sheetrockers happened to be in town and ended up with unexpected space in their schedule. The crew jumped in and rocked the building! The church plans to finish the project with cash and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, the church is writing their “God stories” and publishing the books to sell via Amazon – where 100% of proceeds are going toward the church's building fund. While it may not bring in huge money, the church is being totally encouraged with everyone reflecting and writing about how God is breaking in and transforming lives. The first book has just been published; more information can be found here.

KOSOVO. Responding to a dream about Jesus, a Kosovar man recently sought out a national pastor to process his dream. Soon after, the man’s large family gave their lives to Jesus. The family is being joined by neighbors and friends and is now considered an emerging church. The church plant has been dreaming of building a place of worship. Miraculously, just a couple of months ago, the municipal government offered the group a free 99-year lease on the piece of land they desired.  What’s incredible about this is that no Kosovar city has ever given property to an evangelical church.  Note: A number of Alliance NW churches are deeply invested in Kosovo and have sent Global Staff, funds, support, and ongoing prayer.