Ministry assessment added to Licensing, Ordination, Consecration (LOC)

A ministry assessment has been folded into the LOC process as a primary feature of Ordination and Consecration. Assessment has long been key in identifying and serving church planters. Today, leaders serving in existing churches have access to this unique leadership development experience. The purpose of Assessment is to both confirm and affirm God’s call in a person's life, and to surface areas of development essential to long term ministry effectiveness. Assessment “clients” leave the process with a personal Ministry Development Plan based on the results of the Assessment to catalyze their personal development as a leader. 

The inclusion of Assessment in the LOC process was made possible through the development of a track for those serving in an existing local church.  This Church Pastor track was developed in concert with Bob Logan and Charles Ridley who originated church planting assessments years ago. Over the years, they have identified and interviewed Lead Pastors who have had effective ministry over time. The character traits and ministry skills that these Lead Pastors share comprise the backbone of the new Church Pastor track. 

Those who are entering into the updated LOC process will have opportunity to participate in Assessment which will likely be offered twice a year. Those in the former LOC track will simply complete the steps in the former process. We anticipate that by January 1, 2018, the former system will be fully retired.

Here is a blueprint of the new LOC process: