Terry Hippenhammer can be your executive coach

We all want to lead with great vision, strength, humility, and skill, but oftentimes we need some outside expertise to put all the pieces together. Executive coaching can help, and if you’re looking for assistance in honing some leadership skills, Terry Hippenhammer could serve you well. Terry is an executive management coach with staff leadership and board governance expertise. He’s been serving on Alliance church Governing Boards for decades. He also spent 30 years working with CEOs and Boards in the professional, educational, and non-profit worlds.

With a deep love for Jesus and His Church, Terry has served 13 churches in the Alliance Northwest since 2008. Additionally, he spent a season serving on the Alliance Northwest Field Leadership Team.

Terry's expertise carries over from effective Governing Board leadership to pastoral “wiring”, team building, team leadership (around Enneagram and Strength Finders), problem solving, and strategic planning.

Terry's coaching fee is $100/hr. But, the Field Office will subsidize $50 of the fee with the hope that your board would subsidize the remaining $50 from the professional development area of the church budget.

Interested? You can reach out to Terry directly via email.