Big Growth From Planting Workshops

Last month, churches and planters from around the Northwest gathered in Seattle for Greenhouse Training and Church Planting Bootcamp. It was an excellent turnout: we had 30 graduates from the bootcamp, and 9 graduates of the Greenhouse training. One of the neat things about these sessions was the cooperation between different Alliance fields: the training team represented three separate districts, and we had a Rocky Mountain representative at the training as well (they will use the same training procedure there next April).

Dave Reynolds, the National Church Planting Team Leader for the Alliance, also called out two stories in particular from the events:

"Union Hill, Renton Team:  This is the only Alliance church in Renton and they were there to receive training for launching churches to the many people groups coming to Renton.  This church was originally called “Union Hill Gospel Tabernacle” after the NY Gospel Tabernacle, birthplace of the Alliance.  Their desire to reach other people groups in their area is very similar to the Gospel Tabernacle of the 1880s.  I thought that was pretty cool."

"Jeff Paschal (Journey Roseburg) invited Michael Smith, a new church planter in Roseburg, to the training… and with them both helping each other, two unique churches will emerge.  I love the spirit.  Jeff also reached out to a military couple who had just moved back to Roseburg, and they are now on the team.  Fun to see this plant emerge.  It’s also an example of cooperation at the core since Jeff was part of the South Pacific District and moved up to Alliance Northwest."

We're so encouraged by the sight of planters eager to step out in faith, and churches eager to support them. Thanks to everyone who attended!

greenhouse shot
greenhouse shot