Announcing Field Forum 2018: "The Call"

Important Notice!  "The Call" will be our theme for Field Forum 2018. We believe God has a call on leaders younger than you in your church, to advance your church. Key to the purpose of next year's Field Forum is helping equip and inspire future leaders for your church and the Kingdom at large. For next year's Field Forum, would you consider prayerfully inviting and including an up and coming leader from your ministry–could be a staff member, could be a future elder–to experience this event with the leadership of the Alliance NW? 

We're announcing now as this may impact budgeting planning for many. To help, the Field Office will cover the future leader's registration costs when registered with a licensed worker – leaving only lodging and transportation costs for the church. This offer is for future leaders who have not attended a prior Field Forum.

In addition to that, some have indicated a desire to bring their entire Elder/Governing Board. Others will want to include staff team members who've never been. Still others may want to use the event to engage young men and women with "the stuff" to be future leaders.

We're moving to a new, larger location (the Red Lion on the Portland side of the Columbia River) to provide room for you to include additional leaders for this special event. And, we've already begun planning Field Forum 2018 in order to make it an event that will catalyze your church's health, and its ability to effectively make and deploy discipled leaders who live out the mission of God.

Registration will be $211 + Hotel ($134/night for single/double occupancy).