Pure Desire Counseling Special for Leaders

Have you ever wondered how a counselor could help you? 

As a Pure Desire Leaders (PDL) partner, you qualify for 50% OFF a 2-hour evaluation session with a trained Pure Desire clinician. A $300 SAVINGS! 

This 2-hour evaluation gives you a clear look at the state of your current sexual health and gives you a recommended treatment plan for healing. If you move onto our clinical program, the initial cost of the evaluation will be applied to your program package.

What do you get in your 2-hour evaluation?

·  Discuss results from 3 online assessments that evaluate areas of sexual struggle, effects of past trauma, and how 18 personality attributes factor into relational dynamics. 

·  Receive expert evaluation of current sexual health.

·  Receive a customized 12-month Recommended Treatment Plan. 


·  Did you know that 85% of our clients never visit our offices in person, but receive all their care through secure video conferencing? 

·  Did you know that 93% of our clients say this program helped them find healing and they would recommend this program to others?


Regardless of where you live, the Pure Desire Clinical Program is accessible through secured online video conferencing.

We have limited availability for this discounted 2-hour evaluation and this offer is only valid through October 31, 2019.

If you would like to receive this 2-hour evaluation at 50% OFF:

·  Couples Evaluation: CLICK HERE and enter the CODE: PDLEVAL at checkout

·  Individual Evaluation: CLICK HERE and enter the CODE: PDLEVAL at checkout

If you have additional questions, call executive director, Nick Stumbo, at 503-489-0237.