Good News from the Field, Easter Edition 2019

We asked churches from around the Alliance Northwest about their Easter celebrations and here are some of their responses:

Compass Church
Brian Kilde, Lead Pastor

Celebrating Easter at Compass was filled with friendship and enthusiasm! Our Good Friday family service had us contemplating forgiveness through the wisdom of our children! 

Click here to watch a video from Compass Church

An egg hunt and photo opp added fun to our front steps as we invited our neighborhood to discover God! We maxed out our space with family and guests while we worshiped and declared the message of the one true King! Everyone left with assurance that there is room for them in the Kingdom of Heaven! 

Garland Church
Rod Cosgrove, Lead Pastor

We had a really great worship gathering.  Each participant was given some cloth strips that they wrapped around their wrist on the way into worship. These cloths signified the “death wrappings” that we’re so often obsessed with and continually peering back into the tomb, looking for life, which isn’t to be found in tombs.  Instead, look to Jesus, and he’s moving on and we’re to meet him. 

One written testimony stands out: “Easter sure helped me. It was spot on. I thought, how can this message apply to everyone when surely it only applies to strugglers like me who keep visiting a foul, dead situation?  I was astounded to see the response.  We all have something to let go of, and we probably don't speak of it much because it makes us feel like losers.  The letting go process provided was a real and tangible way to face it.  I’m thankful.”

Richland Alliance Church
Randy Christie, Lead Pastor

Six weeks of praying, planning, and inviting people to our Easter breakfast and worship was greatly blessed by God at Richland Alliance Church.  Our congregation of about 60 hosted a dozen or more visitors from the community:  one a recent departure from Mormonism, one works at our local Burger King (mother of 5), and one attracted by the advertising in our neighborhood.  One visitor made a decision to become a follower of Jesus.  Needless to say, our congregation is rejoicing!

Living Room Church
Dan Gregory, Lead Pastor

We had 105 in attendance, 3 baptisms and 2 child dedications on Easter Sunday!


Dallas Alliance
Gerad Neely, Lead Pastor

We talked about the freedom found only in the Resurrected King. Had around 200 people at church, 3 baptisms, and one new salvation. One of the baptisms was the new salvation.  Overall a great Resurrection Sunday.


New Hope Church
Endre Norem, Lead Pastor

We baptized two men and influenced a lot of people that are first-time visitors and families or friends that occasionally come. We had a wonderful brunch beforehand. Now the work of follow up begins. My message was "apologetic" in style pointing to the ancient evidence for Christ and His resurrection.


Salem Alliance Church
Steve Fowler, Lead Pastor

7000 people came to Salem Alliance for Good Friday and Easter services.  87 individuals came forward during our worship services on Easter to begin a new friendship with Jesus.  We were thrilled to be able to extend a personal invitation to attend an Alpha dinner and group this next week as well as invite others who may have spiritual questions.


East Park Church
David Lawson, Lead Pastor

We had a great Easter—3 services with 600 people (100 more than last year).  Lots of new families and guests—including a 20% increase in our children’s ministry, from the effort we made to invite the non-church families from last year’s Kids Camp (VBS).  We shared a gospel message and two adults made professions of faith.  Easter was the last of a three week series called, “Hope, The Resurrection Changes Everything.” Two other adults made clear first time professions of faith during the first couple weeks of that series.


Chico Alliance Church
John Gee, Interim Lead Pastor

Many families reunited! We opened our nursery for the first time in 5 years! Also had a great altar call! 


Alliance Christian Fellowship
Brian Cook, Lead Pastor

It was a big week for ACF. We met at Eagle River High which will be our new location this Summer as we remodel our building and repair earthquake damage. We saw 43 first time commitments to Jesus and had 2,302 people in attendance. (Alaska problems) We were also able to share a great story of a man who overcame some huge challenges including a bear mauling. While watching the video our life and safety team informed me that a bear had been spotted in the parking lot. You can’t make this stuff up.

Video of Blake’s story here


Arbor Heights Community Church
John Lindow, Lead Pastor

We did a cardboard testimony this year as part of the service with about 15-20 people silently sharing on cardboard how Christ, through the resurrection, took their wounds and transformed them into beautiful scars. It was one of the most moving things we have ever done as a church.


Mercer Creek Church
Todd King, Lead Pastor

Our win: 5% of our entire county joined us for Easter!


East Hills Alliance
Steve Diehl, Lead Pastor

I think the most exciting thing for us at East Hills and The Grove was the number of guests who showed up.  We encouraged people to invite neighbors and friends and that happened.  In fact, one couple must have been invited directly by God.  They said they lived in the neighborhood of East Hills for years and had never been in a church before, but decided to show up Easter morning.  We are praying that the resurrection life message, in worship and word, was clear and compelling!


Lighthouse Christian Center
Brandon Sales, Lead Pastor

We are praising God for his faithfulness in using us as vessels to share His glory!

 (1) We had over 2500 attendees this weekend, which is the largest crowd we’ve had in 5 years

We count this as a blessing, not because numbers are the “end goal”, but because numbers reveal the confidence our congregants have in what God is doing at LCC in the midst of a 1st year pastoral transition.  Also, this number encourages us that our city's community is also excited about what is happening at LCC.

(2) We had 22 baptisms this weekend!

22 congregants declaring their love and surrender to God’s Kingdom publicly! We ended each service this weekend with 5-9 baptisms, and did so as our worship teams led us into praise.

Shouts, applause, and music welcomed each person as they came up from the water and into new life!