10 Benefits From Engaging Your High School Students in Reach

The crisp and cool weather means fall has arrived, the school year has started and youth ministries have kicked off. That means it is time to start thinking about retreats!  Has your church sent high schoolers to Reach?  Reach is our annual high school gathering in central Oregon and is an awesome event where we come together as an Alliance family of over 260 students and leaders.  If you still need more convincing - here are 10 reasons your church should engage in Reach!

  1. Youth workers are invested in and supported!

    We have designed Reach to be a time where both youth pastors and volunteer leaders are poured into. We have set time aside to encourage and support them.

  2. Students hear the Gospel!

    The theme is “Can I ask you something?!” We are going to dive in to 4 questions that we see Jesus ask in Scripture - What do you want me to do? Who do you say I am? Do you believe I can do this? Do you love me? It will be a powerful time!

  3. We work together!

    We have a team of 4 youth pastors who plan the event with our Alliance NW Next Gen department. Josh Mann (Fox Island Alliance) and Tina Combs (Hood River Alliance) will be our speakers. Sean O’Connor (Salem Alliance) is leading worship.

    We are recruiting some of you for seminars and if you are interested in serving we are looking for 25 folks to join the kitchen crew to serve the meals to teens, volunteer leaders and youth pastors. You are invited!!

  4. Space for God.

    The weekend gives space for students to slow down and hear from the Lord. We intentionally create space for quiet times and free time so students can take what they are learning and ask God what he may be saying to them.

  5. Long Term Work.

    We have strategically designed the weekend to create impact for the long term work that God may be calling your students to. We end the weekend with a call to deeper faith and service and we emphasize missions by focusing on our greater international Alliance family.

  6. Enjoy God’s beauty!

    Reach is held in central Oregon at Washington Family Ranch. This camp is absolutely beautiful! It has comfortable lodging, tons of room to explore and has no outside distractions like cell service or internet. It provides an opportunity for students to unplug!

  7. Make new friends!

    We intentionally mix things up with times where students gather by grade or gender to expand their worldview and see that God is working in the lives of students all over the Northwest.

  8. Relevant seminars.

    Students get to attend biblically based seminars that are about things they care about - some of the past topics have been: Anxiety/Depression, Worship, Healing, Sexuality, Their Testimony, and Life after High School.

  9. We are better together!

    Reach is an opportunity to gather as an Alliance family. We get to anticipate what God is going to do in and through our students and our leaders.

  10. And last but not least: It is fun!

    We play games, we laugh, we entertain, we eat good food and we are silly! These types of activities help students to open up and allow God to move in their lives.

Reach is February 14-17, 2020.  For more information about Reach head HERE.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amber at amber@alliancenw.org.  See you there!