How to Pastor Small Churches Well [NAE Podcast]

A majority of Alliance Northwest churches would fall into the “small church” category, so we can say with conviction: “Small churches don’t mean small pastors, or small ideas.” Pastoring a small church is not for the faint of heart.

Karl Vaters has been a small church pastor for 30 years. He’s written about pastoring small churches in books (“The Grasshopper Myth” and “Small Church Essentials”) and on Pivot, a Christianity Today blog. And, he’s the founder of, a blog that encourages, connects, and equips innovative small church pastors. In this podcast from the National Association of Evangelicals, he joins Leith Anderson to share his experience and offer insight into how to pastor small churches well.

In this podcast, Karl and Leith discuss:

  • How small churches should think about growth and success

  • The particular challenges, including finances, that pastors of small churches face

  • What resources are available to pastors of small churches

  • Why we need more — not fewer — small churches in the United States

Listen here.