Breakouts Announced for Field Forum 2018

In anticipation of Field Forum 2018: The Call (April 23-25 in Portland, Oregon), here are all 9 breakouts during the event. With topics ranging from engaging youth in the 21st Century to finding momentum for plateauing churches, there's sure to be something to pique everyone's interest.

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I’m called to ministry! How do I develop, expand my influence, and discover my primary contribution long term?          

There is a clear pattern God uses to develop Kingdom leaders. It is evident both in the Bible and in Christian leaders throughout history.  Knowing what that pattern is helps the emerging leader prioritize their development and rest along the way, knowing God is working His plan. This breakout can help you know where you are at in the process and intentionally participate in where God is taking you.

Dave and Elena Reynolds; 
Dave is the Western Region Team Leader for Multiplication, The Alliance US


Good news! There is great opportunity for the Gospel even in the midst of the tectonic changes happening in culture.

We all hear what can be discouraging, challenging – and even scary – news regarding the declining interest and engagement of younger generations in the church. But within the new realities of our context there is an exceedingly hopeful future! This breakout will unpack encouraging and simple constructs to help you understand the complex changes we face and present ideas to consider as you position your church for continued effectiveness.

Dr. Tim Osborn;                                                                                                                                                                                   Lead Pastor, Mosaic


Developing Leaders 101                                            

Where do I start if I want to be intentional about developing leaders in my ministry? This breakout will help frame a biblical way to think about discipling leaders, and help you develop doable steps to implement a plan to identify, develop, and deploy influencers in the mission of Jesus.

Jason Simmonds;
Leadership Development, Networks,
Alliance Northwest Field Office


Disciple your high capacity leaders by starting a teaching team

There is great wisdom in focusing on the few in order to minister to the many. Matt Hannan learned to follow that wisdom and has developed leaders using a strategy of “deeper, not wider.” One place he focused was in starting and leading a teaching team, without using elaborate or expensive resources. In this breakout, he’ll unpack what he’s learned and share the huge rewards he’s discovered for both his congregation and for him personally.

Dr. Matt Hannan;
Lead Pastor, New Heights - meeting in several locations across Clark County, WA 


Ways to move women forward in ministry

There are likely women in your church with a call to lead, pastor, or speak. Far too often women have ministry dreams and a God-ordained call to serve, but don’t see an open door to develop as a leader. If you are seeking to discover, draw out, develop, and deploy women as leaders in your ministry area, this breakout is a great place to gather some ideas to get started. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Anya Holcomb;
Pastor Refugee Ministries, Salem Alliance

Melissa Jackson;
Worship leader & Teaching Team, Cle Elum Alliance

Randy Shaw,
Field Director, Alliance Northwest


Ministry to youth in the 21st Century

Throughout the history of youth ministry much has changed and morphed in order to address the ever-changing youth culture. While there are timeless principles that serve youth ministry, effectiveness increasingly requires innovation. Through a quick assessment of today’s youth culture, we can measure what is effective, and then explore practical ways to engage a new generation of students and their families.                                                                                  

James Grout; 
Former Youth Pastor & National Director for Youth with The Alliance,
Currently with One Child Matters


Leadership moves for effective ministry to children

One study indicated that 83% of all Jesus followers commit their lives to him between the ages of 4 and 14, yet the American church is rapidly declining with each generation. A vibrant, effective children’s ministry is imperative for a thriving church that reaches the lost of every age. What practices, systems, and volunteers create this environment? We dream of seeing churches making bold and wise moves to reach the next generation! Come join us as we discuss how.                                                                       

Kim Harris;
Pastor for Staff & Operations, Mosaic

Connor Durr;
Pastor for Students, Mosaic


Finding new momentum in the plateaued church

Nearly 70% of churches are either plateaued or in decline. Leading one of these churches takes unique “know how” and courage. Jump into this breakout and you’ll hear from a couple of pastors who’ve done it, the overarching principles of a church’s lifecycle, and strategies you can use to rediscover new momentum and health in your church.

Dennis Pust;
Church Health & Pastoral Care
Alliance Northwest Field Office


Creating church-based ministry training in the Alliance Northwest

What could happen if together we believed God could create a regional, church-based educational model that raises up the next generation of pastors and international leaders who are debt-free and field-ready?  Salem Alliance is running Reach Training Institute (RTI) and Snoqualmie Valley Alliance runs Biblical Institute of Seattle (BIOS).  These churches have pioneered a new educational model and today it’s getting traction! At this breakout, you’ll be challenged to consider the potential of this educational model, hear from a recent graduate, and two current students, one of which is getting credit for hands-on service in a local church. Jump in and consider the possibilities of working together as the Alliance Northwest family to raise up a new generation of men and women for the coming harvest. 

Steve Fowler;
Lead Pastor, Salem Alliance

Dr. Monty Wright;
Lead Pastor, Snoqualmie Valley Alliance

Dr. Steve Dangaran;
Dean, RTI