Medford Neighborhood Church Cares for Paradise Amidst Campfire Blaze

The fallout from the catastrophic Camp Fire has reverberated far beyond Paradise, CA, and even into the Rogue Valley, where as many as 52,000 displaced Paradise residents have fled.

Medford Neighborhood Church, led by pastor Lee Gregory, has become the center of a burgeoning movement to help the residents of Paradise who are currently in the Medford area. Incidentally, Lee and Doreen Gregory have a history in Paradise; they grew up and got married there.

The church has become the area donation distribution hub as a part of the I-CARE (Compassion And Respect for Everyone) movement that has sprung up (via Lee’s community presence). The Gregorys have also taken in some of their family from the Paradise area who escaped with only the (singed) clothes on their backs.

The news of the generosity and care shown by the church has spread to local media—you can read the coverage here.