School Principal to Madison Community Church pastor: "You make Jesus look real good."

Madison Community Church (Everett, Washington) pastor Peter Vincent knows that effecting neighborhood change takes time and perseverance. Six years ago, Peter started a relationship at an area school by meeting with the Principal and saying that his church would like to help out, in whatever ways they could. The school seemed baffled and hesitant at first, but agreed.

So Madison got to work. The church popped popcorn in the cafeteria, helped keep up the school grounds, and even read to students during class time. Years passed, students got older, a new Principal came, and Madison became a familiar presence on campus.

Recently, Peter was contacted by the new Principal, and they had a different sort of conversation than when Madison first began there. The Principal told him: “You make Jesus look real good.” Madison’s years of steady involvement demonstrated that they cared, and the school wanted to know more. After this conversation, a busload of teachers from the school came to the church, toured the facility, and met Madison’s staff. The church’s faithful service is making a difference in their community, and through it, others can see the love of Christ.