Batting 1.000: 15/15 Alliance Northwest Church Leaders pass their LOC interviews

December has been a busy month, as many church leaders work to finish up the LOC process before the end of the year.

More than just a box to check, the road to Ordination/Consecration is paved with years of preparation and study, with its travelers ultimately becoming fully equipped as leaders and disciple makers. Each of these men and women have really accomplished something!

Jeff Brown (Salem Alliance)
Sean O’Connor (Salem Alliance)
Brandon Miller (Salem Alliance)
Steve Croyle (Mountain View Community Church)
Dave Beddoe (Restore Church)
Ben Coffin (Union Hill)
Dominic Kan (Missio)
Jon Donohue (The Grove Alliance Church)
Pete Tegeler
Bryan Halferty (Anchor Church)

Jessica Mitchell (Salem Alliance)
Annie Banceu (Compass)

Josh Stager (Canby Alliance)
Matt Broweleit (North Seattle Church)
Christine Keith (Mosaic Church)

14 more interviews are scheduled to take place before the end of February.