10 ways to support a planter right now

Church planting is one of the most effective strategies to invite people into a relationship with Jesus. The Alliance Northwest has a very specific vision to plant new churches in our field. As a movement, the Alliance was pioneered by the planting of one church, The Gospel Tabernacle, 129 years ago. From this one church, more than 25,000 fellowships and nearly 6 million believers have sprouted. These local ministries have also prioritized the sending of workers into new fields to plant the gospel, thus establishing new churches around the globe.

This February 26th, the extended Alliance family is celebrating the vision of church planting by have a "Church Planting Sunday". Here are 10 ways to help a church plant (see below). As a way to further our vision to see churches planting churches, could you lead your congregation to engage in one of these 10 ways to encourage a planter?


  1. Pray for a church planter and their team: Would your church consider “adopting” a local church planter and praying regularly and intentionally for that leader’s church?
  2. Send a church planting couple out to dinner: This simple act of a gift like this can really encourage a planting couple. Plus, you never know what kind of friendship you might be able to build with a planter.
  3. Invite a planter to share their vision with your church: Who are the planters in your vicinity? Consider this option as a great way to encourage church planters and cast vision to your people in the process.
  4. Give a church plant a one-time gift: A new church always has equipment needs such as office supplies, sound, A/V, or children’s ministry equipment. Call or email a church planter and ask about their current needs.
  5. Hold a “baby shower” for a church plant: Give them gifts for their startup (office supplies, a/v equipment, etc.). Planters can put together a “registry” of items they need.
  6. Loan your facility to a church plant: Maybe your church has a facility that you’re not using all the time. Consider allowing a church plant to have team meetings, events, or even services at your facility.
  7. Financially support a plant (one gift or for a period of time): Sacrificial and generous giving from churches and individuals, up and above our regular offerings in an amazing gesture of Christian unity.
  8. Send people from your church to serve for a season: Send people to help a plant out for a month or two, or longer!
  9. Partner with other churches to plant a church: Connect with another church or network to help a church plant.
  10. Develop and deploy a planter & team from your church: Take a faith-filled risk and plant a church! This begins when you identify and train leaders with the purpose of sending them out.

Would you consider investing a portion of your gathering time on February 26 to publicly pray for a church plant in our field? Next month, we will roll out profiles on each of the planters throughout the different regions in the NW. Odds are, there is a plant nearby that needs your prayer. And if not, there's an opportunity to pray for one to spring up! Stay tuned to the February newsletter for more information. 

For any questions on getting involved, please contact Micah