Licensing, Ordination & Consecration

The Field Office serves the local church by vetting and providing training for leaders. The process of Licensing, Ordaining and Consecrating the men and women who provide leadership in local churches is a core ministry of the field office. Ensuring that leaders possess the character and competency to oversee the mission of the local church to courageously follow Jesus in the world as family is core to accomplishing our vision.

The licensing, ordination, and consecration process (LOC) provides a hands-on relational approach to learning and becoming more effective as a spiritual leader. For more information and to get started in the licensing and ordination process, contact Kristy Wells.

  • Licensing is a required prerequisite for pastoral employment in an Alliance NW church. Licensing involves an application process in which a person answers, in writing, a variety of questions covering their story, calling, biblical and theological knowledge, and chemistry with the Alliance Northwest. Once application forms are complete and reviewed, viable candidates participate in a licensing interview with Alliance Northwest leaders.
  • Ordination for men (required for Lead Pastors or those anticipating the role of Lead Pastor) and consecration for women is a leadership development process that is encouraged for all licensed leaders. The process is designed to expand a person’s commitment to maturing as a disciple-making leader in the Alliance Northwest family by enhancing biblical and theological knowledge, ministry skills, and commitment to the place of the Alliance family in God’s plan for humanity. This process includes six learning modules with a cohort of other leaders, theological position papers, a mentor, and a final interview once requisite work has been completed.