Quest 2017

Chris’ Talk

Courtney’s Talk, Part 1

Courtney’s Talk, Part 2

Field Forum 2017

Session 1: Contend for Your Soul; Tim Barton

Session 2: Contend for the Gospel; Randy Shaw

Session 3: Contend for the Family Business; Randy Shaw

Session 4: Contend for Your Church; Paul Smith

Reach 2017

Session 1; Chris Ozorio


Session 2; Chris Ozorio


Session 3; Jeremy Nuckolls


Session 4; Jeremy Nuckolls


Session 5; Jeremy Nuckolls

Renew 2017

Session 1; Bruce & Carolyn Hindmarsh

Session 2; Bruce & Carolyn Hindmarsh

Session 3; Bruce & Carolyn Hindmarsh

Session 4; Bruce & Carolyn Hindmarsh

Field Forum 2016

Session 3; Steve Fowler

Session 1; Randy Shaw



Reach 2016

Session 5; Dave Rhodes

Session 4; Dave Rhodes

Session 3; Courtney Reichley

Session 2; Courtney Reichley

Session 1; Dave Rhodes



Renew 2016

Session 4; Rick Mckinley

Session 3; Rick McKinley

Session 2; Rick McKinley

Session 1; Rick McKinley



Field Forum 2015

Session 3; Matt Hannan

“Fifty Shades of Grey: Can the church be good news to a culture that is sexually confused?”; Rick McKinley

Session #2; Matt Hannan

Session #1; Matt Hannan


 Renew 2015

The Trauma of Holiness; Sunder Krishnan

Adoption; Sunder Krishnan

Holy Space, Holy Time; Sunder Krishnan

Holy Community; Sunder Krishnan