Long Beach Café, North Africa

Summer Café and Cultural Excursion Intern:

Do you have interest in specialty coffee and creating community within a café setting? Do you have sense of adventure? Would you enjoy discovering historical sites and local culture in a new country with new friends? If so, consider working in North Africa Summer 2018.

Qualifications [Spiritual]

  • Personal relationship with Jesus
  • Excited to serve and create a community that reaches lost people
  • Current, active involvement in a local church


  • Desire to learn how to share the Gospel message in a creative access context
  • Willing to work hard and be developed in administration, and risk taking
  • Willing to be flexible and try new things
  • Ability to work with all types of personalities, and apply conflict resolution methods
  • Ability to learn various technology tools

Primary Responsibilities

Café [8-12 hours/ week]

  • Serve customers with kindness and genuineness. Intentionally pursue friendships with those whom you connect and have common interest.
  • Learn and perform with efficiency the various operational tasks required in the café
  • Plan, lead, or assist in executing evening events (e.g karaoke, game night, etc)

Cultural Excursions [4-8 hours/ week]

  • Participate fully (attending, assisting, leading)
  • Engage other participants and demonstrate leadership by involving everyone

Language Learning [2-4 hours/week]

  • Gain exposure to the local language, Arabic, by meeting with a nurturer 1-2x per week
  • While fluency is not expected, practice the language you learn with joy as a way to show appreciation to local people and their culture.

Additional Responsibilities

Cultural Awareness/Education

  • Complete pre-internship training on site
  • Actively seek out local friendships and learn about local culture
  • When able, get to know other expatriates in order to learn about living internationally

Personal development and discipleship

  • Meet weekly with internship advisor for follow up on internship goals, personal encouragement, and accountability
  • Under the direction of your internship advisor, read one book on personal development (a) Soul Care (b) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, (c) other

Spiritual Health

Attend a local church weekly
Exercise a healthy rhythm of spiritual, emotional, and physical health (spiritual disciplines, Sabbath, other practices)

Timeline of Service

June 7-July 31 2018
Contact: Brenda at boatloadofhoffmans@gmail.com