Compass Church; Vancouver, WA


Compass Church desires to invite people to discover God. We want to love our neighbors as a family because of Jesus by living out these values: authentic worship, community, compassion, creativity, multiplication, and spiritual passion.

Purpose of the role:

Work with a team of musicians and vocalists in leading people to authentically praise God during worship gatherings.


1. Be a formal member of Compass Church and sign the member covenant.
2. Affirm doctrine statement as posted on the website.
3. Agree to and sign the Compass Church Staff Covenant.
4. Work part-time at 20 hrs/wk.
5. Meet with ministry supervisor on a monthly basis at minimum.

Accountable to:

Lead Pastor for the requirements listed above and the responsibilities listed below regardless of whether or not volunteer leaders are available.


  1. Lead people to praise God through singing during our worship gatherings. (This leader is encouraged to invite others who she/he deems qualified to accomplish this task in her/his stead up to two Sundays a month. However, this leader is always responsible for the above stated purpose regardless of whether or not volunteer leaders are available).
  2. Maintain a quality of musicianship that engages people and helps them praise God
  3. Pick songs that invite people to discover God and worship Him through the themes brought out in the talk and the passage.
  4. Recruit, train, empower, and mobilize musicians and vocalists
  5. Become familiar with and utilize Planning Center Online for scheduling needs. Make sure there is a leader and a team for every Sunday morning worship gathering.
  6. Keep strong communication with media booth volunteers
  7. Communicate with ministry supervisor in regards to ministry needs and personnel
  8. Hold auditions and rehearsals as deemed necessary
  9. Assist with other tasks (temporarily/permanently) as gifting and the need for personal development deems helpful and necessary. The employee will check in with supervisor regularly and make adjustments.
  10. Draft, submit, and (upon approval) maintain an annual budget that allows for the funding of these responsibilities.

Recommended Spiritual Gifts/Skills:

  • Listening/discernment
  • Volunteer empowerment and encouragement
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Musically, instrumentally, and/or vocally talented
  • Relational, humble, and surrendering

Job Timeline:

  • February/March, 2018 start a 3-month trial period
  • After 3-month trial period, there will be a review of chemistry with Compass and competency of responsibilities listed in the job description.
  • 9-month
  • Annual review thereafter


Monthly salary TBD BOE

If you'd like to apply:
Contact Brian Kilde; or 360-909-7401