Annual Reports Due

2015 Local Alliance Church Annual Report 

Instructions for the 2015 Local Alliance Church Annual Report will be emailed to all churches on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. Please submit your churches Annual Report by March 4, 2016. 

Thanking Monty Wright

Monty Wright has been a key part of the Alliance Northwest field staff, leading the Licensing, Consecration & Ordination team for nearly a decade.  Monty and his team have nurtured many of our leaders to a place of greater character and competency for ministry. While Monty will continue to invest in the LC&O process as an expression of his calling to invest in young leaders, he has recently decided to step away from his leadership role with LC&O. Monty is shifting his energy toward completing a PHD program at Trinity, and the startup of BIOS, a church ministry degree program (offering both Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees) at Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church.

 On behalf of thMontye Alliance Northwest family we want to express our  sincere appreciation for the many years Monty has served in this role.  He has served us admirably, for which we are deeply  grateful!  Thank  you, Monty!  

 Please take a moment and join us in extending your personal  expressions of gratitude to Monty. You can reach him here.

 Dennis Pust, associate Field Director, is working with the LC&O  Team  to move them toward the next chapter. The next module is October 12-  14, 2015.

Next Gen News

7011613e-83d7-4443-ba50-024a9348e0d8Next Gen is the student ministry arm of the Alliance Northwest. It’s our goal to support and catalyze leaders of student ministries in churches across the region through the two large events that we run each year. Tina Graves has stepped into Field leadership by accepting the the role of Reach (formerly DYC) Team Leader. She’s a Hood River native and serves as the Youth Pastor at Hood River Alliance Church. For Reach 2016, she’ll be serving alongside Hannah Green so she’s ready to lead the team as they plan and prepare for Reach 2017.

Reach (formerly DYC) is a 3-day retreat for High School students that is held annually over President’s Day weekend and has been meeting at the same large hotel in Portland, OR since 1998, with over 550 kids and leaders attending each year. We were informed earlier this year that after 2016, we’ll no longer be able to use this location on this weekend–so we’ll be needing a new location. Reach is the primary way that we come alongside our churches and youth pastors to support and catalyze their disciple-making and sending call to High Schoolers. Would you pray with us for a new location for this important event?

For more information on Next Gen, contact Hannah

Field Office Staff Updates

We’re excited to let you know about some staffing changes here at the field office. Jon McNeill has joined the team as our Communications Director after running his own business as a professional storyteller for brands like Pinterest and Porsche. He and his wife, Sharon, live in North Portland with their son Odin.

Jon’s addition allows Kendra Shaw to focus on Discipleship and working with Tina Graves and Dave Oldenkamp on Next Gen; in addition, she’ll be overseeing Global Engagement for the Alliance Northwest.

But that’s not all: Kelly Jo Cox has stepped in as the assistant for the Field Director and Global Engagement, replacing Lindsay Augeri who recently moved to Arizona where her husband has begun a new youth pastor position.

News from the Field

New Lead Pastors:

In November, Hugh and Susan Griffith moved to Naknek, AK (at the upper end of the Aleutian chain) to pastor Naknek Community Church, a newly affiliated church with the Alliance Northwest. They’ve been living in Montana in retirement, but felt called to serve in Alaska and filled in earlier in 2015 at South Tongass Alliance in Ketchikan while Cade King was on sabbatical.

Following an assessment at Cathlamet Christian Fellowship a partnership has been established between them, East Hills Alliance and the Alliance Northwest for a fresh start there and Ken Evans has been appointed as their lead pastor. He and his family live in Hillsboro, OR and will be moving to Cathlamet, WA in the coming months.


Jon Mutchler, pastor of Ferndale Alliance Church in Ferndale, WA, was elected as Mayor of Ferndale in November and will begin serving his term in January 2016. He’ll continue as pastor of Ferndale Alliance, as the Mayor job is part-time. Here’s a link to the story in the Bellingham Herald about his election.


Meet the Newest Member of the Alliance Northwest Field Leadership Team

Tim Barton

Tim BartonTim Barton was selected by the Field Leadership Team to fulfill the remaining term left vacant by the resignation of Treasurer, Jeff Morgan. He’s been a member of the FLT (formerly DEXCOM) in years past and brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the role. Tim has been a part of the Alliance Northwest family for over 35 years; with the last 30 at Canby Alliance Church. He and his wife, Heather, have been married for 37 years and have two grown daughters.

Pure Desire Training Sessions in March

Here are some numbers for you to digest.
63%. That’s the percentage of pastors surveyed in the book Men’s Secret Wars who confirmed that they struggle with sexual addiction of some form.
54%. That’s the percentage of 1,351 pastors who reported viewing Internet pornography within the prior year, according to
75%. That’s the amount of pastors who are not currently keeping themselves accountable to anyone for their Internet use.

Pure Desire Ministries exists to help leaders find freedom from pornography addiction. The Alliance Northwest began a partnership with Pure Desire over six years ago and it has had a positive impact on men and women across our field. And they have developed a compelling, 24-hour seminar to help train churches and leaders on how to bring Pure Desire groups to their church and community.

Currently, there will be two of these “universities” in our local area in March: March 4/5 in Gresham, OR, and March 18/19 in Everett, WA.

For detailed information on these events, and to register, visit Pure Desire here.

The cost is reasonable, the teaching accessible, and the take-aways are very practical. Prayerfully consider attending one of these, and see how God stirs you and your church to begin helping men with this very real issue.

Alliance Northwest Youth Bible Quizzing

The Alliance Northwest has a Bible quizzing program for youth in 6th – 12th grade. This program provides students a great opportunity to memorize scripture in a friendly competitive setting and make friends from other churches.  Each year a different book of the New Testament is studied; this year it’s the book of Acts.  The quiz year is progressive; starting off with the first few chapters and then adding a few more chapters each month.  Once a month during the school year, over 100 Bible quizzers meet at a host church for a fun weekend of quizzing.  If you have youth that really enjoy memorizing scripture or excelled in AWANA, this is a great transition to getting even deeper into God’s word. For more information, contact Scott Peterson or Tim Ashcraft, or check out their website here


Council 2015: A Summary of the President’s Vision for The Alliance

Here is an overview of the message John Stumbo, President of the Alliance U.S.A., had for us at Council this last May.

The essence of our calling is summed up in a single word: Love. In a world that has romanticized and sexualized love, the church has a beautiful opportunity to show the love of God Himself. Yet, each local church must ask, “Have we confused being ‘nice’ or ‘neighborly’ for being truly loving? Do the people of our community see us as a loving people? Are we dependent upon the Spirit to live His loving fruit through us?”

We celebrate that our God is a speaking God who has revealed Himself to us. The bible is our inspired text which He will never contradict. We are commissioned to proclaim His message in word and deed. We will “not be ashamed of the gospel” but serve as “Christ’s ambassadors.” And so we ask ourselves, “Are we students of the Scripture? Do our sermons and life messages arise from the Word? Do we have a listening ear for His voice? Are our words and lives proclaiming His truth? Do we both ‘show’ and ‘tell’ the truth?”

While He who is “not willing that any should perish” calls us to take his loving message to everyone, the Alliance family is being called in particular to prayerfully seek to reach:

  • People on the Move: The world’s population is shifting and nations are coming to our neighborhoods. Is our church fully participating in this unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel?
  • People of All Ages: Has our church been guilty of seeing children, the disabled, the senior adult, or anyone as less important than everyone else?
  • People Lacking Access: As 4,075 peoples are still to be reached, have we joined the Alliance family in taking seriously our assignment to participate in bringing the gospel to them?

To accomplish the call God has given us, we must see the entire body of Christ mobilized for Kingdom service. May God allow us to launch new waves of godly people as full participants in Christ’s service: evangelizing, church planting, generously giving, boldly praying, joyfully creating… So, as a church, we would do well to ask ourselves, “Does our congregation know their spiritual gifting? Have we found meaningful ways to serve Christ through our gifts? What hindrances do people encounter when wanting to be more engaged in Kingdom service? What can our church do to open the door to service more widely?”

I’ve become convinced that:

  • The Alliance is one of God’s end-times families that He has raised up to complete the Great Commission.
  • The Alliance is a provider of humanity’s single most needed resource: the love of Jesus.
  • The Alliance will fulfill our God-appointed role more powerfully and effectively if we work together rather than independently.


Please Note: Alliance Council 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.