Admin Resources

Below are resources that may be useful to Alliance churches in the Northwest.


Alliance Theology
This is the statement of faith for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in the USA: What Do We Believe?

The 2015 Manual of the C&MA contains the National Office Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and provides all updates and revisions. A great tool to have on hand for understanding the positions and perspectives of the Alliance, we recommend you download this and keep it easily accessible.

Licensing, Ordination, & Consecration Study Guide
Planning on going through the LOC process? Take a look at the study guide.

Legal Rights of Religious Non-profits
The National Office has put together an extensive guide for pastors who want to understand the rights and limitations of churches and individuals in ministry as they relate to political activity, under section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code. You can download the entire PDF here by right clicking and choosing “Save link as…”

Human Sexuality Belief Statement
This is our official belief statement on issues related to human sexuality: Read it here.

Additionally, you may be interested in this document (Staying on Mission) on how churches should respond to the “Obergefell vs Hodges” case on same-sex marriages. (This comes from the legal department of the C&MA).



Essential Guide to Law & Tax for New Ministers (eBook)

If you’re like most new ministers, you probably are overwhelmed by the legal and tax issues that confront you in the ministry. Richard R. Hammar wrote this book for you! This book was created to provide new ministers with quick, understandable answers. Download it here.

Department of Labor Laws (2016)
Flowchart describing the new Department of Labor laws beginning December 1st, 2016 (see attached document Overtime Pay Chart (Religious)).

See also the attached link “What New Overtime Laws Mean for Churches”.

Donor “Restricted” Gifts
Information pertaining to handling Donor “Restricted” Gifts (see attached document Proper Care of Donor “Restricted” Gifts).

A roadmap for how to provide healthcare for staff under the new ACA laws (see attached document Healthcare Reimbursements).

C&MA Benefits
Access to the C&MA’s benefit programs for churches.

Support Raising
Information on how to raise support (I.e. Deputized Fundraising) for church staff.

Employee or Independent Contractor Determination
Guidelines for determining if a worker is an Independent Contractor vs an Employee.

WA Property Tax Exemption Details
Washington’s guideline for maintaining Property Tax Exemption.

OR Property Tax Exemption Details
Oregon’s guideline for maintaining Property Tax Exemption.